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Hello, I have a question about the different app types. I remember seeing the different types and EXAMPLES of each type in the article before enrolling but I forgot the name of the type of app I want to create and I do not know how to find the list again to choose from.

My question has to do with development and learning what course that will help me to develop my APP. I am trying to develop a Football Rules App for Football Fans that watch Live games and/or attend games in person. I am looking for a course that will help with the codes and the use of a Database . I am a beginner with coding but catch on real fast. Can you please get back.
Wayne Randall

Good information thanks for sharing
VMware Engineer


I have a coup[le of questions with screenshots attached:
Q1- I was in lesson 4 when I got stuck during the challenge assignment. I deleted all the trials and tried to start over. I am getting this error message when I try to run the app. I t is running successfully but I cannot display it in the Preview window. Thank you for your help.

Q2- Another question. How do I hide this preview in the middle?

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Hello, which version of XCode is used in the lesson 2 ‘Introduction to XCode’. I have version 10.3 and can not see App option under iOS… I selected ‘Single View App’ instead and the list of files in Navigatore area are different from that shown in Lesson 2.

hey, sorry to reply to someone else’s issue, but this exact situation happen to me. I was wondering if this has happen to anyone else & how did they fix it ?

Hey. So I am watching the fourth video about the logo and I’ve created a logo for my app with an app I used and downloaded it to my desktop. While trying to upload it onto Xcode, it tells me that it’s not the right size. Basically, I need help with uploading my logo onto the app without configuration problems. Thanks!

Ugh!!! What am I doing wrong?

What are the Xcode 14 alternatives to the Waterwheel Swift library? What can I use to create a drupal 8 login application with Xcode 14?