About the Paind course from Chriss

Hey guys I’m thinking to purchase the Chris’ paid course what you guys think about he’s course so far ? Can some of you guys let me know how you find it? I follow him on youtube which game me a good foundation so far just wanna know what you guys think! Thanks in advance!

Chris’ paid courses are great! Just as high quality as the ones on YT

The paid courses are great if you’re not sure how to go forward after completing the beginner stuff on YT.
You can look at the lesson plans for the paid courses and find free resources to learn the same stuff, but if you enjoy Chris’ style then the paid courses are worth it.

Or you can begin looking something completely different, after the beginner tutorials, and not do Chris’ paid course.

The real benefit of the paid courses is that it gives you a really solid step by step foundational knowledge to move forward with, as compared to DIY-big, trying to learn the same stuff on your own with other resources

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Thank you for letting me know , yes I like he’s teaching method it makes more sense to me, I tried to follow other developers but those guys were just to fast for me, and is just a lot to take in, I have a foundation from Chris’ YT videos still going through that Match App right now I want to undestand everything but so far i would say I doing good and I’m feel that i have learned from him a lot, I had a look of he’s paid course package and yes I like the whole concept of it to be honest, just wanted an opinion from someone, and thanks for that I appreciate it!

technically the match app is module 3 of the paid course as well, module 1 is the war app, moving forward you will also make a “quiz” app and a “news” app, which are great foundations for working with data flow and display of information

and thats just the foundational course

you will then move forward to the “Database course” which will help you get a grasp on how to work with databases, it will give you a good idea on how things work and how to work with data flow using databases as well

lots of things in store for the paid course, try it out for a few months and see if you like it, its really worth it for the current subscription plan now

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Thanks for you insight Francis, yeah I will , at the moment I’m going through the youtube videos and reading up the dev info in Xcode meanwhile Chris is explaining things and I’m re-watching all the videos , I’m okay with the syntax part , just need to pick up all those protocol methods but even now to be honest I learned a lot since I started to spend more time on these lessons.

He has some good stuff on here and I found he’s teaching style super good, compared to other developers which are just moving fast and not really explaining things, is lots of info to digest so is really important to understand everything I would say

feel free to take your time, the youtube channel already has a lot of free content that is enough to get you started :slight_smile:

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Yeah I’m really on it like for hours, I learned couple of things but some of the things need to sync in my head as they’re so many methods and I also noticed that I’m confused were and when to declare properties etc but yeah I take my time because this doesn’t come overnight but I feel that I learned things just a matter of time until I get use to the language and the order.