Activate app by simulating touch at position

Is it possible to e.g. activate a specific App (or fill in a form) on the iPhone by pressing on the screen at a (x,y) position? One would also need to be able to Scroll Right if the App is not on the home screen.

I am really looking for a kind of Macro recorder App on the iPhone (e.g. in a PC you can record the mouse and keyboard to activate a specific App). Unfortunately I haven’t seen an App for the iPhone to do this yet?

not really sure it seems you want to make the reading at OS level which is not likely possible, best bet is to utilize widgets using ios 13 and above

Thanks for your answer. Do you perhaps know where I can find a list of OS functions?
I have another question, is it possible to communicate with another App? An example would be to press a button in the other App.

physically i dont think its possible, you can however, “communicate” with it through sharing or maybe if they share the same database then you can update the other app based on the updated data that someone else just entered