Adapt Screen To Ipod Touch

I originally made an app that works on iPhones but I want it to work on a thinner iPod touch. I have an issue of the screen not completely being shown in the iPod touch version. It looks like this.

iPhone 8

iPod Touch 7th gen

I’m using auto layout and currently in my view controller I have a scrollview for vertical scrolling and I am thinking I need to add another one to get horizontal scrolling. Is there a way to have it scroll both ways with one scrollview? and If I can do that make that only available in the iPod touch version?

If you are using UIKit and storyboard then you can set constraints based on device Traits. For any given constraint there should be an option to “Vary For Traits”.

The thing is both the iPhone 8 and the iPod touch have the same size classes for portrait so I think we need to find another way.