Adapt To iPhone 8 Plus

So I am working on an app that is supposed to work on modern iPhones and the iPhone 7 version of my app is different from the iPhone 8 plus version. How can I make the iPhone 8 plus screen look like the iPhone 7 one below with the lines that touch the peaks of those ice?

iPhone 8 plus version

iPhone 7 version

At a guess I would say that the problem is to do with Constraints given that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 have different screen height and widths.

What happens if you run the App on an iPhone SE?

On iPhone SE it is the same as the iPhone 7 version because the screen size is the same. I am using a freeform style view controller that is 375 by 1000. On iPhone 11 Pro it is the same as the iPhone 7 version.