Add Firebase to iOS app (HELP!)

Do I have to pay $99 to continue? If not, what do I do?

It’s been on this screen for at least an hour. Do I need to generate code signing files?

you just need to create an apple account (appleID) a free one is enough then let xcode automatically manage signin

I have an apple account and I thought I added it under the preferences tab.

Go to your Xcode project settings and make sure your account is selected for the “team” and there isn’t an error for manage code signing and provision profile

I keep selecting “Try Again” but it keeps coming to this screen.

Any suggestions?

Hey Nasasha, in the upper left corner, did you try hitting the run button and running your project on the iOS simulator?

Hey there! Yes, Thanks for responding. The build is succeeding but this screen is still showing. I ran into an issue when I tried to connect to Firebase previously and decided to scrap the entire project. I’ve created the view controllers again but I didn’t want to continue until I knew Xcode would cooperate.

Update: I started over from the absolute beginning again and added my Apple ID as the team. Finally it works. Thanks for your help.

Welp, I’m back. Now there is a Firebase error. Everything was running fine until I started adding the code from Firebase.

What do you mean “adding the code from Firebase?”

What I added to App Delegate.

I’ve started a new project again and up to this point, I haven’t done anything to App Delegate but I have this showing. It didn’t affect my build and the simulator shows everything I’ve done properly. The only thing I have left to do is connect the Home View Controller but I haven’t gotten to that part of the video yet.

I’ve run into the same issue. I see it says "[FIRApp configure]; (FirebaseApp.configure()` in Swift) could not find "
@"a valid GoogleService-Info.plist in your project. Please download one "

But I did download one and placed it under info.plist

You say you downloaded if, but I don’t see it in your project files on the left. Did you drag it into the project like the directions for Firebase say?

did you drag/add the file via xcode? it needs to be added from there