Adding Intro Video to Login screen


I’m Sasha and I’m new here. I’m hoping to make this screenshot come to life.

I’ve started in Tabbed mode and I don’t know how to add anything new before the tab bar controller. I only have the navigation bar complete at this point.

I appreciate all CC.


I also have 4 other pages of user info to add before they reach the home/navigation page.

What do you mean add “before the tab bar controller??

So the user would go through 4 screens before getting to the main screen tab bar??

Can you draw a flow from one screen to another? It’ll help us get a better idea of how your app works

I have 4 separate screens that collect user info like their contact info for signup, birthday, favorite food, somewhere to take a profile photo etc. I now know that segues are what connect the controllers so I was trying to say…I don’t know how to add these screens before the Tab Bar Controller and all of the tabs.

You could create an if statement in your viewDidLoad of the tab bar controller. If the user is not logged in present your login UIViewControllers otherwise, present the tab bar controller

Your login view controllers could just flood in the same storyboard, but just don’t connect them to anything (other than each other how you’re flowing through them)

i suggest maybe follow this tutorial on chris for firebase, it has elements that you will need to make your app, including the intro video and login, etc. even the databases and listing