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Adding local players to a turn based game

I have a question. I am making an app in xcode and swift ui, its gonna be a dice game with rolling the dice. But how can i make a interface to add local players and let the users decide there name. Its like a local turn-based game, without game center integration.

I’ve added a screenshot to better understand what I mean.

CoreData. That way you can add players to the list. Same concept as the todo list. you want to add an item (player) and you can add removal of player


@ekraus0227 Thank you very much! It works now. Do you also know how with which method i can pas this player data to another view? I’m really struggling with Binding and State. I don’t know if that is the good way to do it.

Binding and State is the right way, you should go back and review how they work

(Also if you have a specific question about them, create a new thread)

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