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Adding multiple view controller on Swift UI

Hello wonderful community,

I really need your help. I’m building an app and trying to add multiple ViewController from my ContentView on my Swift UI interface builder but I don’t find it in the library. I need to make some ViewControllers to add background images and some elements to complete my app.

I have tried, on the Interface Build, clicking the top menu View > Show Library then search “UIViewController” but it still doesn’t appear unfortunately, maybe because, I have chosen Swift UI instead av storyboard!! I was thinking also, maybe I need to create a new file for storyboard despite the Swift UI!!

its a bit different when working with swiftUI, its via navigation links… what tutorials have you done so far?

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Thank you for your comment, I tried doing that. But it wasn’t ViewController. It was just adding link to the app not what I wanted.

did you try navigation controllers? its just navigating through viewcontrollers not linking to an app