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Adding Subscription Monetisation With RevenueCat

After following Chris’ fantastic videos over the past year I successfully managed to get 3 apps on the App Store. However, when I developed the apps I did not think carefully enough about monetisation and simply submitted the apps as “paid” apps. This of course is not the way most apps become successfull on the App Store and I would now like to change to a “free trial” followed by a recurring monthly or yearly subscription. Is it possible to add this feature via the App Store Connect site without having to add any additional code to my apps? I intend to use RevenueCat but I am confused as I see references to adding their SDK to Xcode which suggests that new code will be added to the apps. Surely this would mean my apps would need to be re-submitted and reviewed by Apple? I have watched Chris’ series of videos on this topic but I am confused about the need to add further code to my apps.

Any help or suggestions from the Community would be great!
Rhys :grinning:

How will this change you are considering affect users that have already paid for the App as an outright purchase?

You’ll change your app from paid to free in App Store connect but you will need to add code for having a monthly subscription.

Which means you will need to submit a new version of your app to the App Store.

But as Chris Parker said, you should think how this will affect users who have already paid for the app

Hello Chris,
Thank you for responding and you raise a very good point! At the moment this isn’t a big problem as there have only been 3 purchases of the apps! I see on RevenueCat’s documentation that apparently there is a way to offer existing customers free access and that is what I plan to do if this is indeed possible.
All the best,

Hi Mikaela,

Thank you for your explanation - it looks like I have to go back to the “drawing board” and figure out where I put the code in the apps. I am hoping RevenueCat and Chris Ching’s videos will help.

Kindest regards,

Rhys, you’ll need to create some kind of monetization page. Chris’ videos can definitely help you get started for using Revenue Cat

Thanks again Mikaela!

Yes, reviewing Chris’ video I think the steps I need to
arrange will be:-

  1. I need the Revenuecat system to check that the customer has not previously purchased a subscription and if this is the case they are allowed access to the app during the free trial period.

  2. At the end of the free trial period (or if a subscription had been purchased but has expired) the customer will be presented with a page where they can select either a recurring monthly subscription or a recurring annual subscription.

  3. I am also hoping that Revenuecat can somehow identify from the App Store receipts whether the customer previously bought the original paid app so that they can be allowed permanent access to the full app.

Overall yes that’s the steps

And for you’re point 3, I’m not sure

Thanks again! :blush: