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Advice needed with new job

Hello everyone,

First, codeWithChris has been a rock for me, i will be talking about how impactful this platform has been for me soon.
Right now, i need some advice, i just got a job as an iOS developer, the company has an enterprise retail point of sale software, i will be resuming in a week and want to ask if anyone can direct me to materials related to building POS systems like Quickbook or anyone at all, preferably a tutorial video so i can be well prepared and understand the things i will run into. Thanks a lot.


Building POS systems with iOS specifically, or just general terminology around POS?

Congrats on the job!! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

Thanks for your response and the job shoutout :grinning:. I think it is building with iOS, if i can get pointers on the technology around it, that will be awesome also.

I don’t have something specific to iOS POS but many systems interact with an external system to handle payment processing, like Square, Plaid, and others MX

If this is a junior role, I honestly wouldn’t worry at all. Companies don’t expect you to know tons

Once you know more about your projects you could ask more specific questions here, but honestly I just wouldn’t worry.

Thanks a lot. it’s for a middle role. I will ask more specific questions once i know more about the project. This has been so helpful. Thanks

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hi how r u

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