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Advice on what would work for my app?

I have an old iMac (late 2014) with 4 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 running macOS 11.6.5, downloaded Xcode Version 12.3 since I cannot use 13.

Watched YouTube the following:

I also watched another one, Swift Programming Tutorial for Beginners (Full Tutorial) which I didn’t finish. I forget which video but in one of them a YouTube chat appeared and Chris was actually chatting with participants which is impressive to me.

However, the two videos above didn’t match what you were showing me in the video with what I am seeing on my Xcode. version 12.

I decided to go to your website. Impressive. So a cursory review shows so many courses!

I am currently taking the 14 day free course and thinking about the followup free course, called ‘foundations’ or something similar.

I am thinking about your $240 annual or the $29/month offers. Need some advice.

If I take your 90 day course to learn iOS would I learn how to do the following using my old iMac and Xcode 12?

I run a non profit for rosacea https://irosacea.org. I think that rosaceans may enjoy having an iOS app that simply utilizes the camera and photos with an app called:


The rosacean could take selfies of their current rosacea facial issues and date each flareup and have them in this app for easy reference so that the rosacean when visiting a dermatologist could easily show a history of his/her rosacea issues over time. Sorting through all the photos in the Apple photo app is tedious and difficult, I just want the MyRosacea app to designate certain photos as the ones to show the dermatologist.

Based upon a cursory view of the courses it appears that this one is the one I should take?

Learn iOS in 90 Days (No Experience Required)
Would this course allow me to learn enough to make the app I envision and refer to above?
Please advise.
My other question is since I am using an older iMac and older version of Xcode, what are the caveats of this? Would it be a waste of time to make the app I envision or do I have to buy a new iMac M1 so I can use Xcode 13?


Hi Brady,

The “Learn iOS in 90 Days” course will certainly give you a good grounding in the Swift programming language and also give you plenty of skills to enable you to create some simple Apps. Whether the content will give enough skills to create your App is difficult to just from what you have described.

When you take photographs on your iPhone you can add specific photographs to an Album which is one way of grouping photographs that relate to a specific subject matter. In other words as the person takes an image of their rosacean condition they would then add that photograph to the Album for later reference.

You say that sorting through the photographs in Apple’s Photos App is tedious and difficult but I would suggest that if you do what I just suggested that should be very simple to have a grouped list of photographs to show to the dermatologist.

If your intention is to eventually publish an App on the App Store to enable anyone afflicted with that condition to store photographs in the App then you are going to need to always have the very latest version of Xcode installed as Apple specify that Apps should be uploaded only using the latest version. That rule has been in existence for many years.

Thanks Chris Parker. That was very helpful. As you have surmised, I had no idea that is was so easy to use an album in the Photos app to accomplish what I wanted in an app. So I will have to come up with a better idea for an app for rosacea. Really appreciate your reply very much. I am still struggling with the 14 day free course but will continue on and see if I can get through it.