Advice on which database to use

In my current project I am making a collection of 500+ test questions. Unless there is an error in transcription, the questions won’t change, but the collection will grow. Users will get credit for correct answers. The user’s data will need to keep track of the number correct and the ones missed. And users will get credit for submitting questions that are accepted. Also the user will get credit for reaching certain quality metrics(appropriately treating septic shock per CMS that will feed in via another part of the app.)

I’m getting comfortable with Firestore, and that is my first choice. I can put the questions in JSON on a dedicated server, but that is a hassle. For this small scale project, is there a compelling reason to use another type/brand of database (I really liked Ali’s MongoDB/ Node/Mongoose one day build video, but seems more complicated that what I need currently, but Ali rules).

I have really enjoyed the CWC membership. This stuff is fun. Thanks in advance.

If you are the person who manages the questions then you could still manage that as a JSON file. Essentially what I am suggesting is that if you load that json file into a table then you can easily add, delete and modify those entries and then resave the data to that JSON file in it’s updated form.

Do you see what I am getting at?

Thank you.

I found what I think is a reliable, simple, and safe way to build/edit and then access my JSON. I’m using It was very easy to set up and provides an https URL to access. I’m a noob, so if you think there are security concerns with this approach I’m all ears. I sifted through a lot of references and found “7 Reliable JSON Hosting Solutions for Your Modern Application” - that reviewed some lesser-known options.