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Advice please for info about completing an incomplete iOS app

Hello everyone. Need help on which course to enrol to learn about basic iOS coding so that I can continue the work for an incomplete app development project.
Long story short, I am inheriting a set of files from an app developer who was not able to finish the app. I am now trying to learn how to use the X code and have seen some of your free courses. I intend to enrol into more intensive courses once I am pointed to the right direction.
Any suggestion would be most appreciated.

Hey John, I highly recommend starting with iOS Foundations from CWC+. If you’ve never coded before and take a liking to it, completing this course will make you confident that you can figure out how to complete your app idea. That’s what’s happening it to me

Thanks Cal.
For sure I will start my learning soon. For now I’m just completing the handover process from previous developer. Just wondering if getting a copy of the codes is already adequate for me to continue the app development? TIA


It’s a good start to have the project as it currently is so you can see how it has been put together. That will also dictate what learning path you need to take and by that I mean that if the project has been written using Storyboard (ie, UIKit) or with SwiftUI (which sounds rather unlikely).

The learning paths are either iOS Foundations (UIKit) or iOS Foundations (SwiftUI).