After iOS Foundations with SwiftUI (2023)

After iOS Foundations with SwiftUI (2023), what course should I do? Repeat the course?

The next step is the “iOS Networking (2023)” course. It’s a new course and only a couple of lessons have been releases so far. Chris Ching will release a new lesson each week.

In the meantime you could have a look a the " iOS Foundations with SwiftUI (2020)" course as the content is still relevant but there are a few challenges since when that course was first created it was with Xcode 12.4 We are now at Xcode 14.3.1 + and soon to be getting Xcode 15. There have been changes in the way Navigation works which you will experience during the later Modules in the Course but there is help here on this forum. If you search the past posts where people have posted questions related to those issues you will find the answers you need. If may require re-wording your search criteria to find those posts.

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I am using the " iOS Foundations with SwiftUI (2020)". It is much better than the " iOS Foundations with SwiftUI (2023)" as it has a lot of quizzes and challenges that help me to memorize the content.

Hey, after doing the foundation course, I moved to the Databases course as the networking course has only released a few videos till now. Is it alright?

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Yes that’s totally fine! Learning how to use databases is the next step after foundations