After iosFoundations Course?

Hey, i just finished with the iOS foundations course. FINALLY!!! no more procrastination in 2024. now what next course should I start with ?

and one more thing, I also made fews simple apps which do not require any json or other complex functionality. these are very simple app, so can I publish them straight to the appstore or is there something else to learn too? one thing which bothers me is how do I clean all the memory like adding a button restart in my app which takes it to the app launch state so the ram is cleared. do I need it or is there no such need in iOS?

sorry if I am not being clear, was on very long coding schedule to finish the foundations course.

If you have finished the “iOS Foundations with SwiftUI (2023)” then you could consider the “iOS Networking (2023)” and then the “iOS Databases (2023/2024)”

Ok, will start with IOS Networking.

And what about the 2nd part of my question?

Regarding publishing Apps on the App Store, you should probably watch the bonus Module in the " iOS Foundations with SwiftUI (2020)" course that explains that process.

Regarding memory management, the underlying operating system on an Apple device is Unix so iOS sits on top of that so you don’t need to be concerned about memory management of the device that the App is running on. iOS and the operating system takes care of that when you close an App.