After upgrading to Sonoma and Xcode 15.3 my app will no longer run

My app worked fine yesterday, now after upgrade of Xcode, app won’t run. It doesn’t matter if I try to run the app in a simulator or on a real iOS device, it does the same thing.

A window pops up with a title of "App installation failed: Unable to Install “app name” Then down below there is a huge paragraph that starts with this:

Please try again later. Failed to load Info.plist from bundle at path /Users…

I have rebooted as well and also waited to make sure everything had time to load from the upgrade. I really have no clue how to resolve this issue.

Hoping someone can shed some light on this for me.

Thank you.


Hi Ken,

What version of Xcode were you using previously? Seems odd that an upgrade of macOS and Xcode would cause such a major issue.

Is it an App that is from a course you are following or is it your own creation?

So it is an app of my own creation. I have two travel companion apps the support two different locations. So they are basically the same, I typically add new feature/functions to one of them and then do the same to the other a few days later. So I did add a new function, very minor that worked fine on my phone in all the simulators on one of the two apps. The next day I upgraded my Mac due to some Wifi issues I was having with the laptop and I found out Sonoma resolved those issues. So of course after the update to Sonoma when I start Xcode it starts downloading latest version.

So after the upgrade to 15.3 is when everything broke. So even though I added features the day before, which did work, I have not touched the second app, however, both build fine, but won’t install on any device and kicks out that message.

I have dug a little deeper in the bowels of that message that I get it talked about not being able to load a plist specific to google ad mobs. Been doing a lot of reading and apparently there are a number of bugs and some folks have dropped back to Xcode 15.2 and their app works fine.

So I don’t know if my google admobs package has to be updated or if I just need to downgrade to Xcode 15.2 for the time being. Both of those things I’ll need to figure out how to do.

So I downloaded Xcode 15.2 and it works just fine under that. So I am assuming it is a bug in Xcode 15.3 with Google AdMobs.