Age and Gender detector - My first iOS App

Hello :slightly_smiling_face:
I am presently creating a App that detects Age and gender from uploaded face image, i am hoping to expand it later to detect Multicultural appearance also but having issues with doing this at the moment. It will be a two screen simple App, find attached my UI first screen(0ne of them shows when i was deciding on button colour for UI). Please put in your suggestions, i am always open to listening. Thanks y’all.

Hey Tony,
That’s a really cool idea! Are you going to use some sort of machine learning to guess the answer?
As for the buttons, the design is a personal preference but I would recommend a combination that makes the text easily readable!

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Time for a quick update.
The last two days has been an eye-opener into how wild programming can be, the part of my App that i thought was going to be the easiest turned out to be the most difficult, i have successfully sent two post request to two separate API end-points(learning how to do successfully do this was hell), got my values inside a completion handler and performed async operations to the main thread.All i had to do was perform a seque and send those values to a second VC where it will be displayed using labels and UIImageView, “should be easy, done this a hundred times while learning with tutorials, i said to myself”. An hour later, i am struggling to pass these two values, 8 hours later, i still cannot get it done. At this point, i felt like crying, i used my last energy to do a careful explanatory write-up of what the problem was and posted it on “stackoverflow” and slack and went to bed.
The next day, i opened my laptop and the response was the same everywhere, you need to apply GCD(Grand central dispatch), i immediately closed my laptop and went back to bed(another concept to learn again), i was drained and all i did for this full day was sleep, eat and watch movies. I felt like giving up, i woke up the next day, encouraged myself and started learning GCD which i discovered was really wide and involved over 8 different concepts, another 24 hours later of sleeping, eating and reading, and finally, i found a solution. Finally, i was able to pass my values and perform a segue to a second VC. I just want to say this, “stackoverflow” is the best programming documentation out there. Finally, i can breath again.

Thanks, i decided to create this as it will help me ensure lots of concepts stick. Yes, machine learning is involved but this is done by the API server i am sending POST requests to, i plan to actually dive deep into machine learning with swift after i finish with my first and second app.
Which button combination did you prefer in the image i attached. Thanks for this platform

Finally finished the first part of the App, plan to add more features in the future.
I tried uploading a video of what the App does but could not, i will have to try and get a gif done somehow.