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Aishwarya's journal : Just finished beginner course

Nov’21 : I just finished the 14 day beginner challenge in 2 days thanks to the long thanksgiving break! It was so great to see that by the end of the challenge you could actually have a small slots game going! I was not expecting that outcome. It made the learning 10x fun. I have now joined CWC+ and I have an app idea that Id be executing on as I learn the skills with Chris. Ill share updates here.

Looking forward to learning with everyone.


Welcome Aishwarya and congrats on completing the slots game!

You’ll find many people here who joined CWC+ with an app idea in mind, it’s gonna be fun following everyone’s progress

Happy coding :smiley:

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How is your progress and experience with CWC+ program? I’m completing the 14d beginner course today and looking forward to join CWC+ too.

Happy coding :wink:

Hi! I am really enjoying it so far. I am doing the iOS foundations (after having finished the 14day beginner course) and we are building the recipe app. I really like how visual this coding process is. Its such little effort to code and see the result immediately. That’s whats keeping me going - gotta thank Apple for that i guess :slight_smile: