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AjeaS Car List App Challenge

How’s it going, everybody? I joined a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve been working through the iOS Foundations course (on module 5 now). I got a notification about the Car Listing App Challenge and thought that be great for me to practice what I learned thus far.

So, as directed, I’ll be using this journal to post my updates : )

So far;

  • I created the project
  • Added the GitHub repo
  • Imported the assets/JSON file from resources.

Stay tuned! I’ll be updating as I progress. Here’s the repo link to the project.


  • I structured my project to MVVM architecture pattern
  • I added the Car model(M) to map out the data.
  • Parsed the JSON file within the CarModel (VM).
  • I added the apporiate wrappers where needed, ObserveableObject, @Published, Identifiable, and Decodable.

So far, so good. I wanted to get the data parsing part done, since it’s a bit tedious. Along with it takes some muscle memory to get used to.

I’ll be moving towards the UI next to attempt to render this out. Good luck to me :slight_smile: lol

I’m making progress, it took me a minute to get the UI from the demo YouTube video. But, I think I got it :slight_smile: here’s what it looks like so far. I used images from Unsplash, as the provided ones were all diff sizes, which I think was messing me up a bit.

I still have to get the expanded dropdown section working, along with the color. That’s next!