Android Studio vs xcode vs VSCode

So many different softwares are used for app dev. I am a new serious learner with a little Udemy experience.

In the long run, which is platform is better to start on? Android Studio vs xcode vs VSCode. I know Android studio and VS are cross platform but that’s all I know. I’ve piddled with all three. Just would like others with more experience to give me their reasons why they use one vs the other…

I do know xcode is only for Swift and the other two can utilize Flutter/Dart. That’s prob the answer to my own question but still …

I’m fixing to start the 28 day challenge as my NEW beginning tomorrow. But today, with a little coffee, I am going to watch the three hour video of Chris’s on youtube to immerse myself.

Thanks, Jenn (senior on a journey)

This community is dedicated to using Xcode and Swift on the Mac platform to develop Applications for iPhones, iPads, AppleTV and MacOS.

Android Studio is an Integrated Development Environment used for developing Apps for phones that use the Andriod based operating system, ie, Samsung, Asus, OPPO, HTC, Huawei, etc etc

VSCode is an editor only, ie, it has no complier capability.

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TY… That totally clears that up in my mind… Fixing to update my version of Catalina so I can update xcode. I’m ready to get this show on the road!!!