App Crashes when tapping Sign up - Firebase Authentication Tutorial 2019

Could use other eyes on this…

I’m following along with the Firebase Authentication Tutorial 2019 - Custom iOS Login Page (Swift) tutorial on YouTube.

For some reason, my app keeps crashing.

  • The crash error is this: Thread 1: signal SIGABRT.
  • I get this error when I tap on the SignUp button in the simulator.
  • The app project builds successfully.

Here’s a video I took that shows you the crash: Tweet w/ Video

After doing some research with Mr. Google, I found this link that helps me understand the error, but not really helping solve the problem.

I’m not sure what’s going on, but here’s a quick video of what’s happening. Hoping someone here can spot the issue.

Thanks in advance!!! Happy to be here.

hello you might want to check this out

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Thanks, I’ll give this a look

You should see what the problem is by scrolling to the top of the exception data that is posted to your output panel.

Generally, guessing without seeing your output, when you get this from clicking a button, it is because something is not linked correctly like the action or outlet.

Posting the whole error log would help…probably

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Got ya. I’ll check this out later tonight. This app is my mid-night oil for now. :slight_smile:

thanks for the reply!

ok… diving into this, figured I’d post my log to go with my issue.

YES!!! Got it.

I tried to change the name of the file last night. Realized I don’t yet know how to do that and the project work across the board. I thought I changed all instances, but this area here is where I found that it was referencing the old name in the “Module” field. Once I changed it back to the original, it was able to build and all taps work!


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