App IDs limit - help


I am very new to the coding world and started watching Chris’s YouTube videos within the last 5days. Now I prefer to create projects in Xcode to learn small bits of coding at a time (slow learner). However, I have found a problem, with a rubbish workaround but one I wish I knew before I created loads of projects.

Error: Your maximum App ID limit has been reached. You may create up to 10 App IDs every 7days.

Workaround: apparently using the same project, bundle identifier names as other successful projects you have made (tested and always works).

However, I wondered if anyone else had a better solution or point me in a better direction. Maybe purchasing $99 Dev account? (although I hear you need to have an official registered company is that correct?)

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

P.S. Sorry for the wordy message!

There is no other way around it other than to get a Paid account. In the long run you will need that when you start to load Apps on your real device(s) for testing purposes or just so that you can have those Apps you created on your phone.

You will eventually have a number of Apps on your phone that you have created anyway because there will ultimately be something you have created that you find useful.

Hi @Chris_Parker

Thanks for the information. I must admit I didn’t know I could register as a individual and not a company, so I have a paid account now.

Thanks again.