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App is working in my iPhone while attached to the Xcode debugger but it's not working the same way in real life

Hello again guys

I come to you again with this new problem which has been really painful and I haven’t found anything similar on Google.

As I mentioned before, I’m developing an app that requires user location either in the foreground or in the background (while killed, inactive or suspended).

Right now I am working with location manager did exit regions, and when my app is attached to my MacBook Pro with the Xcode debugger it works perfectly fine. It triggers events when exiting my registered regions and does everything I coded very well. But when I try to use the app without being attached to the Xcode debugger it works differently or it doesn’t work at all. I have Proxyman installed in my iPhone to track if the app is fetching the data I need but I see the app is not doing it at all when is not attached to the Xcode debugger.

I don’t know if this issue is related to any functionality on Xcode or if I’m skipping something.

If you have any clue to solve this issue I’’ really appreciate it.

What do you mean? Like you close the app and open it again, just running on your phone? And it suddenly doesn’t work anymore?