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I just joined CWC+ and I was wondering which course(s) do you think would be best for me to go through for my app which is a messaging app where people across the world and the u.s. can connect/message people who have the same birthday as them. It would be a multiple page app

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Definitely go through ios foundations and the database course, and I believe it’s in one of those you’ll learn how to make a chat app, which will help your end goal!


Hi @kiki21a!

Welcome to the community! May I ask, do you have prior programming experience before? I strongly suggest you start with our iOS Foundations (SwiftUI) course! This will give you a solid understanding of the basic building blocks!

Oh! Agree with @mikaelacaron! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Another question, I am trying to add a button but with the image that I have, it’s not showing it except for when I get rid of the image. Can someone please help me out

Here is what the code looks like

Use a different initializer for the button, you’re using the default one that’s only really for text, not an image

Button {
// action code here
} label: {