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soo, I used MockUPhone originally to post the screen shots for the App Store, and they required a certain set of sizes back when I published. So now MockUPhone doesn’t use those sizes in stock anymore. I suppose I could request the phone sizes from the website, but it seems weird, I would think the App Store would want the newest phone sizes in their App Store. perhaps if you publish a new app it requests those, but still wants the old sizes for older apps, not sure how that really plays out

The App Store’s screenshots themselves must be a certain size, it doesn’t really matter which phone you use in the screenshot (but it should be the suggested one)

Like you can use iPhone 8 in screenshots, but the actual size of the screenshot should be a specific size

Yeah the current plan is to photoshop my old photos and just fill the phones with my new screenshots, just not sure when I’ll get around to it. Meanwhile my 3.0 update is just sitting there waiting lol