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App Store Publishing Steps for a Client

I created a App need to try to publish it for a client. They want to be able to profit and all so I want them to use their name and such. I need some steps on how I should get this publish for them since the App is on my computer.

Any guidance will help. Thanks


Is this for clients? Or just for me in general? I need to do one for a client.

No!! Do not share logins!! @ekraus0227

First: do not ever publish an app for a client under your own name!!!


What you need to do:

  • Have the client make a paid apple developer account (most likely an organization account, if it’s a business)
    • note they’ll need a legal business entity, if going that route, and a D-U-N-S number
  • you should have your own apple dev account (I’m not sure if it needs to be paid, my guess is yes)
  • they can add you as a “developer” role to their account.
  • in the Xcode project, you need to change the team to theirs, it should now show up on your Xcode because you are part of their team
  • you can upload the build to App Store Connect for them now (as part of their team)

Do not upload their all under your account or share passwords ever.

Sharing passwords is never a good idea, no matter what it is. You don’t want to upload their app under your name because that means you are responsible for the app, legally and any issues that may arise.

The entire thing can be avoided.

Thanks bro

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