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Apple developer account

Two weeks ago I payed for the Apple developer enrolment. They said the order will be processed within 2 business days…strange right? Am I the only one who encountered this from them?:joy:

I cant even find a number to call them👍

Have you tried logging in to the developer page with your Apple ID to see if it has been done anyway? Check your bank records to see if any charge been debited against the credit card that you used.

If no charge has been debited then you should call their customer service phone number in your location and register a complaint to have the matter escalated to the correct group. Press the point and demand someone contact you.

Try this link to email them.

It might be possible that you do not have access to this link as a result of you not being a paid up member. I have a developer account so searched around for a Contact Us page and this one seemed to be the appropriate one to try.

I also googled this, it appears that I am not the only one. Someone waited 2 months…
I checked the bank account, I was charged, I think it may depend from the region you came from. It should be easier for them to check an us member rather than someone who has his home turf outside us.

I have also logged in and I can, which is again strange, I can pay again for subscription…even though I was charged.

I am not hurrying, I ll just wait, with patience, I was just wondering if I miss something or if I am the only one encountering this:))

I ll try to call them again now, because first time was 3 am, and in my country was 10 am. Unfortunately the local apple number did not answered…

Thank you for your answer!!

No don’t pay again as that creates another drama that will take ages to fix.

When you open the developer.apple.com page and select Account from the options at the top, do you get a login request and if so and you do log in, do you see a page that looks similar to this one?

Ah yeah, pretty clear they haven’t set your account up. It’s a bit rude that payment has been made and you can’t log in. I would be really annoyed.

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Yep, I will just wait, and give a call when its 9 am in us. Thank you anyway!!

I got mine like the next day but they sent me an email with a link. I had to send them a photo of my drivers license to prove my identity. This was about 2 months ago that I got it. Didn’t take long at all. Check and make sure that’s not what they are waiting on.

Same, I have talked to them and now everything is ok. Two days after this, they solved the issue ( there was one with the payment ).