Apple Developer Subscription Issue

Hi All,

Anyone else come across the issue with enrolling in the Apple Developer program? Essentially presents a ‘Enrolment cannot be completed at this time’ after agreeing to the terms and conditions. There are 5 pages reporting the same issue from users around the globe. Called Apple support today and got the same response as those also reporting the issue, nothing. Just stated they couldn’t resolve as they are looking for a trend. I advised them to look at their own support forum. They closed my request so I have now emailed. Not sure what will come of it. Not a major issue for me right now but some are embarking on submitting apps and providing to customers, that’s a big issue. Anyway, just wondering if anyone else has had this issue or has managed to successfully enrol in the last 4 months? It seems this is when the issue started. Thanks all.

Hello! I am running into the same issue. Are you in the US or in another country? Also, are you using a new AppleID just for signing up for the Developer Program or are you using your personal AppleID?
I live in the US and have tried with several different AppleID, no luck with any of them. I can’t even advance to the payment page.
Apple support was no help at all. They offered no solution or any steps to fix this.

Hi Jaime, yes it’s really strange. If you look at the Apple Dev forum, pages of people reporting the same issue. I have only tried using my personal ID but will try with a new one for the sake of it. I found support very strange when generally they’re very good. It’s was almost like they were playing dumb. I find it impossible to believe that Apple are not aware. It’s not a small issue and it’s not affecting one person. Who knows :-/ I am in Australia BTW.

Hey, did you have any luck? Same issue here still. Driving me crazy, without the subscription, I cannot deploy the app I have created to my team, so what’s the point,

I fixed it finally! New ID worked after trying 4 -5!! Pain in the ass.