Apple Sign In for App Review


I can’t find info on this yet it seems pretty basic.

When submitting an app for TestFlight external testers or the AppStore, if your app requires signing in, Apple asks for username and password of a demo account.

Can’t they just use Apple Sign In during App Review?

Plus, in the App Review guidelines they make it clear to prioritize Apple Sign In.

I’m asking this cause I’d much rather have Apple Sign In as the only authentication method.
As a user I personally hate creating an account by typing email and password into a TextField and I don’t see why I should let users go through that. I’d love to avoid having to build that again, Apple Sign In is just so much more convenient for everyone.

Thanks in advance to anyone who’s been there and can share insights on this


Update in case somebody searches for the same thing later.

I simply didn’t check the “requires signing in” box and submitted for review, still got approved 10 hours later. On Firebase I saw a bunch of unknown accounts created which I assume come from Apple so they were indeed able to sign in.
I suspect it might not work for AppStore review but good to know it works fine for TestFlight.