Application ios

‏ I learned Swift with Chris
‏but I need help … I want to make an integrated application for the job that I will work with … I want to make an application (ios)and every employee has a page with his data
‏Page Officer …
‏Employee name and password and found (this thing with Chris video🥺)
‏1- The employee enters his data and saves it automatically.
‏2- The employee is registered in work-specific courses
‏3- There are courses that the employee attends and I want to show him the courses he attended in his file
Page Director:
‏Each employee will be shown to the manager and what courses he attended on the html page so that he can print them later

I want to use data (firebase)

‏When I fail I watch Chris video and get excited again

Please please please :pleading_face::pleading_face:
‏I want to help me learn all this. I really need this
And sorry If the topic is not appropriate in the section​:pleading_face::broken_heart::broken_heart:

Begin with sketching out your idea.

What do the screens look like? What does each button do etc.

Also checkout to figure out what you’d need to learn to build your idea

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Ok , thanks :pray: very thanks

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