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ARKit application error

Hello, I am a beginner in iOS app development.
I have a question because the app unexpectedly shuts down while running ARKit-related apps.
If I connect my iPhone directly and run the simulator, it doesn’t stop.
But if I run the app without a connection, it turns off after a few seconds.

The code I ran is
GitHub - PyojinKim/ARKit-Data-Logger: iOS utility to save ARKit results (Visual-Inertial Odometry) to a series of text files for offline use..

It may be a silly question, but there are many things that beginners don’t know.
I really want to solve it, and even if it is not, I want to know why this is happening.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

AR usually involves a physical camera… In which the simulator doesnt have… Thats why it crashes on the simulator and not on an actual device