Assistant editor showing .h files instead of .swift files. PLEASE HELP!

I am trying to make a custom Sign up and Login screen, but when I try to reference my buttons and text fields in the Assistant, it shows .h files and nothing else. Here are a few pictures.

When I try it in the starting view controller, it works fine. I am really confused, please help!


Try this.

Select the object you want to create an IBOutlet or Action for, and the hold down the Option key and click on the ViewController you want to connect it to from the list. That should open the correct file if you have the class set correctly.


I don’t understand what you mean by that, could you explain that again? Sorry, I am new to this.

Also if I change the custom class it says “No Assistant Results.” If that helps at all.

Try these:

Option click to open assistant editor:

Not sure what you are trying to connect, but for example, if trying to connect tableView objects to a TableViewCell you need to ensure the class is set. Like this:


Thanks! At first I did not understand, but I finally did it! Thanks Again!