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Attributes Inspector missing

While experimenting ( hacking ) on a project after lesson 4 - 14 day challenge the Attributes Inspector went away. If I create a new project the Attributes Inspector is there but I cannot get it to come back on the original project. I have been trying to sort this out for a couple of days now. FWIW I am using a VM on VMware on Windows 10. I have included a screen shot showing a Text() as selected along with the menu drop-down and inspector window active. Please help.
Screen Shot 2021-08-07 at 11.51.18 AM

I’m not a Windows user so have no experience with VM software and how stable it is, but what version of MacOS did you install and what version of Xcode are you running?

VMware makes for a reasonably good virtual machine, maybe a little slow but otherwise works well (as opposed to its competitor Virtualbox which is useless). MacOS Big Sur V 11.5.1 – Xcode V 12.5.1
I’ve been professionally around Windows since v2.01 and Apple 2E so I am no stranger to weirdness. The work around for this problem is to dump the broken project but I am thinking this is an “operator headcrash error” not a bug so I really want to find out what happened. Any help would be great. Do you have a cloud drive (dropbox, icloud, etc) I could dump the project in to?? I think it is too large for an email attachment. Let me know.

If you have access to Dropbox then zip the project at the root level and copy it to a folder in your Dropbox account (I generally use Public on my own Dropbox account). Go to your browser and open up Dropbox then create a Share link and post that link here in a reply so that I can open it or direct message me with the link.

DropBox link


It looks like you have accidentally deleted the file ContentView.swift which is why the complier is complaining.

The file is actually in the project folder so the way to fix the issue is to open the project in Xcode (ignore the error messages for the moment). Open up Finder and navigate to the Aug4 folder and you will see ContentView.swift there. Drag the ContentView.swift file into the Xcode window and drop it just below the file named Aug4App.swift file. Make sure that the options in the dialogue box presented are as per the following screenshot.

The compiler will eventually recognise that the file is there and may present you with other errors depending on what code you have in ContentView.

I don’t care about the project itself just what happened. Now I know I did something stupid I can move on. Thanks my friend for the help