AudioKit Framework

I am trying to install a Framework into XCODE 11 for the first time. Specifically AudioKit as I wish to explore building music apps.
Downloaded the framework from AudioKit’s GITHUB and followed the instructions but still unable to import AudioKit into the project. It just says no such module.

As this is the first time I have tried to import any external Framework I’m sure to be missing something fundamental here!
Attached as shown in the set up page:

i think you also need to import it into your viewcontroller

at the very top

import AudioKit

Thanks - but I have of course done that. That is where the error is displayed.
I was wondering if it was a version compatibility thing.
In the instruction from AudioKit they import the framework into Binaries and it then appears in both the Binaries and the Linked Framework/Libraries section.
My version of XCODE is laid out differently so that’s confusing for a start.

Managed to get it on there in the end. After about 20 tries

Had to build the project first it seems and hey presto! I have AudioKit!!

XCODE is a fiddly beast sometimes eh

well not so fast. First attempt to build a simple oscillator and I have 61 Build Issues! :rofl:

I guess this must still be a problem with Framework

apparently I have to:

  • Make sure to add -lc++ to the Other Linker Flags setting in your target.

but have no idea what that means exactly

latest screen shot

In case anyone is interested I may as well finish my own thread… bit quiet round here… is it busier in the student community area??

So I have got AudioKit fully working. And it is rather awesome I must say.

In the end I followed this excellent instruction video to install the Frameworks correctly. I imaging this process will apply to most 3rd party Framework installs. Everything in this video correct for XCODE 11 except the Other Link Flag needs to be -lc++ rather than the code in the video.

Hope this is helpful to anyone attempting to do this and might save them the 3 days of head scratching I’ve had!

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i see haven’t really messed around with audiokit before because AudioFoundation was enough to practice with

thank you for sharing your solution