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Authenticating Users with Firebase - Email verification

Authenticating a user for a production ready application - General Question

Hi everyone,

I’m wondering if for a production ready application it is best to send an email verification to the user so that once they click it their email is verified? - Could someone explain how sign ups are sorted for professional applications and if they use a similar process as in the module 3 of this series. - It seems odd that you can make a false email address and still sign in.

Implementing email verification seems a bit tricky to do and I was wondering if there were any tutorials on this or if not, whether Chris or whoever would consider making one? If not where can I look to get some easy to understand knowledge on this?

Thanks everyone, really appreciate the help.

That is why you generally have to verify your email in all applications. To prevent spam. Also people collect these emails and use them to send announcements when there’s new app versions and such.

I’d suggest starting with the Firebase docs

I’ve checked the Firebase documentation and it does seem a bit complicated. I’m still working on getting it sorted. Because it’s integral with most apps I think it’s something that should be taught in the tutorials. Is there a go around? Maybe the phone number authentication method for the firebase app or passwordless login - I’ve found tutorials for those.
What’s stopping someone from just generating emails on an email website and verifying a bunch to overload a server. I’ve seen that there is stuff to stop people verifying over a certain amount in one day but again this seems complicated to implement. I was wondering if there were any plans to cover this in future as it is so fundamental to most professional apps?

Thanks for your response!