Beginner lesson 7 error?

Hello! First time here! Hi my name is Marcos and I’m coding because I believe to become successful you need to either have real estate or create something. I wanted to create an app and here is where I decided to learn and I’m enjoying it very much so far…

Anywho I finished lesson 7 and im trying the exercise however I can only get the console to say the following
“Fuel added
Current Fuel Level at 100”

my code looks as follows…

class Spaceship {

var fuelLevel = 50

func liftOff() {
    fuelLevel -= 50
    print("We have lift off!")
    print("Current Fuel Level at: \(fuelLevel)")

func addFuel(fuel:Int) {
    fuelLevel += fuel
    print("Fuel Added")
    print("Current Fuel Level at: \(fuelLevel)")

func Thrust() {
    fuelLevel -= 15
    print("Rocket is Thrusting")
    print("Current Fuel Level at: \(fuelLevel)")

func Cruise() {
    fuelLevel -= 5
    print("Rocket is Cruising")
    print("Current Fuel Level at: \(fuelLevel)")



let spaceshipObject = Spaceship()
spaceshipObject.addFuel(fuel: 50)



the other calls also need to have () even when blank

Thank you so much!! I appreciate this so much!