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Beginner, older iphone interest too

I’m a beginner here(!) but know some old programming too. I thought I’d start with the CodeWithChris youtube “how to make an app” series before I get into the 14 day challenge. I updated my iMac with the latest Xcode (jan 2023). But I also happen to have some original iphone SE 1st gen phones! I love the small size of them, and they still update and work just fine with the latest iOS. But this Xcode doesn’t support any of the old models. If I want to eventually target the old SE, any suggestions? Will I need to replace this Xcode with an older Xcode for that? If I write a basic app here that doesn’t use any special features of the latest iphones, will it run on the older phones and simulators? Is there a way to add old iphones to this one? I tried adding the iphone SE 1st gen through the iphone button on the top bar of the Xcode window, and they’re selectable under “add additional simulators”, but it still won’t accept it.

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Where are you seeing this? By default Xcode doesn’t download old simulators or iOS versions, but within Xcode you can manually download them. But I’d suggest making your app work with the latest iOS versions (the phone model itself doesn’t matter)

You target iOS versions, not iPhone models. Not but you should be using the latest version of Xcode 14.2, generally you must upgrade and can’t submit apps with older versions of Xcode.

As long as the iOS version is possible, yes. See other response, it’s about iOS version, not iPhone model.

Which button?? What do you mean won’t accept it??

You should go to:

  • Window
  • Devices and Simulators
  • Choose Simulators in the top left
  • Click the + in the bottom left
  • Give the simulator a name, choose the iOS version and iPhone model (device type) you want.
    • You’ll most likely need to download old iOS versions, if you choose that

Thanks, I think I finally figured it out, but havent gone through the steps yet. When I said it didnt accept the iphone SE selection, its because I finally realized the iOS version for it was wrong. I hadnt realized that even though my (beloved!) iphone SE 1st gen was still getting regular updates, its now pegging out at iOS 15.x instead of 16.x. I guess its officially old now. And Xcode was defaulting the selection to 16.x and wouldnt add it. I finally saw in that window that I could reselect it for 15.x… at the cost of another 3 or 4 GB of download. Thats where I descided Id get back to it later. I do intend to learn coding for the latest, but want to eventually want to try a target app I have in mind for my SE.

You can lower the minimum app version and develop for iOS 15 if you would like

But yes Xcode defaults to iOS 16 for development, but you can change it.

You can still ship for iOS 15, that’s fine, but you must use the latest version of Xcode