Blank flipping in match app

I got to the flipping part but when I flip the cards there is nothing there. One time the card one image showed but when I flipped it it would show the same image. I deleted the images and restored them.

These are the rest of the images for the code

Hi Bryan,

Welcome to the community.

When you run the program and begin the process of selecting a pair of cards to match, does the first cell show a card?

If you then select another cell to match with, does that cell show a card as well?

If they are a match they should be removed from view. If there is no match both will turn back over ready for you to select another pair to match.

None of the front images show. When I match a pair they stay flipped but I can’t see the picture.

Can you provide a screen capture of the code in the file CardCollectionViewCell.swift