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Botaybry's iOS Journey Journal

Hello everyone!

This is just a space for me to document my journey through CWC’s courses. I have just completed the 14 day beginner challenge where I created the War Card Game with Swift and have now purchased CWC+ membership. I am now on my way starting the iOS Foundations (SwiftUI) course.

My primary reason for getting started on this course is because I - like many others - have a burning desire to create an app. I have an idea… and yet lack the knowledge to spark its creation. I could have paid someone to make it for me - but that did not seem to be a very good long term solution. So… I figured it was time to get my hands dirty and do it myself!!

Hopefully, this journal can serve as a resource for any other coding newbies who are looking into Chris’s courses. Not only is this journal a way to keep myself accountable, but I hope it can serve as a solid reference as to what one can achieve after paying for membership and learning all the modules.

Heeeere I go.

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iOS Foundations - Module 2 Lesson 2 Challenge

This one was particularly hard. I was way off the mark on this one. After spending a good hour trying to write a few things - I caved and took a look at the solutions. Yup - clearly I had no idea what it was that I was doing.

It’s quite clear that, perhaps, I was not paying enough attention or perhaps have not been taking enough notes during the 14 Day Beginner challenge and past concepts. I will make it my goal to rewatch previous videos and try to make sure I understands the concepts more deeply before proceeding.

I passed through most of the challenges in the 14 Day Beginner course without toooo much difficulty - even though sometimes it just feels like I’m blindly stumbling across answers when something I try out ends up working. Maybe such tactics won’t work anymore moving forward. Gotta dig in deeper now.

On Module 2 Lesson 7 atm.

Things are tough. The syntax of how swift is written still confuses me somewhat. When I think i understand something - turns out that i dont understand things at all.

I am hoping more practice and more consistently hopping onto Xcode on the daily will help me get over this hump.

The challenges are still as challenging as ever. To be honest, I feel quite dumb HAHA - the confidence I had in my coding abilities from completing the 14 Day Beginner Challenge challenges without too much help (save for the more mathy ones) is mostly shattered.

But let’s keep pushing. I am hoping things will click more with time.


If there is anything that you don’t understand then you should ask a few questions to get some clarification. That’s what this community is for.

We’ve all been down the learning path and for some of us that’s been a long road to get where we are. Don’t feel bad that you are struggling. Everyone gets to the point at some time where they say, “What the heck is going on here?”. Pretty normal. That’s when you either ask a question here or go searching on line to see of you can find another explanation that approaches it from a different perspective.

Person A might explain something one way and you end up with a blank look on your face and then Person B explains it a different way and you go, “Right, now I get it”.

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Thank you very much! I do feel like I’m not quite learning at the pace the course seems to expect me to - and it does make me feel a little dumb bahaha! It definitely feels good to hear that questions are welcome. Will definitely get over my self imposed intimidation and just ask without worrying about sounding stupid :rofl: