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Branching Problems in Xcode

I recently moved my project directory from and back to its original path on my computer. When I moved it back, it changed my “main” branch to “main 2”. Now I can’t push or pull my project to GitHub :frowning:

It shows me that merging my “main 2” into “main” is an option, but when I try I get an error:

An error occurred while stashing uncommitted changes
There was an error stashing a working copy. The pull operation cannot proceed until this error is fixed.

The “main” branch still exists in my GitHub repo.

Are there any Git Wizards out there who can help me out?


That’s very strange, moving your entire project shouldn’t affect git at all. It’s a folder that should be with your project itself in a hidden .git folder

There’s 2 issues going on. Not being able to push/ pull makes me thing your credentials for GitHub are some how messed up in Xcode. And the issue of it moving is completely different

You could just delete the project from your computer and re-clone from GitHub. That would be the easiest

Thanks @mikaelacaron ! That worked!