Build an app to help enlarge vocabularies when beginning learning a new language ( not programming languages )

Hey, I’m new in app development, and have finished learning the courses called How to Make an App for Beginners.

I want to build a simple app improve vocabularies by collecting words we choose to translate when reading passages in files or website and then push a few to users based on a certain designed algorithm.

To achieve that, the first step is to collect the words we choose in passages, and I was driven crazy looking for the API can be invoked to achieve that in the official Documents​:sob::sob::exploding_head:. Could you tell me how to collect these chosen words into a file or a database?

I would appreciate if you can give me further help :wink: :innocent: :pray: :pray: :pray:

try looking into firebase for database, they are some posted in the youtube channel so check it out, don’t forget to check the official documentation cuz its a bit outdated now

Thanks for your helpful suggestions :pray::pray::pray:.