Building a uikit apps portfolio

i recently finished a couple of uikit and ios bootcamps and i wanna practise by making a couple of uikit apps any recommendations and if there is tutorials it would be most appreciated ,
thanks in advance

Honestly, If you’ve done a couple boot camps, work on making app’s yourself, and avoid using tutorials to build them from start to finish. That’d be your best learning experience. I know Chris has some app ideas for portfolios’s, sean allen does too… similar results…

I literally was just refreshing my memory on sean allen’s portfolio website review. The biggest thing is to take ownership - what do you want as your portfolio? You have some tutorial ones, now what is it that you want? But anyways, those videos would have ideas of what they built too.

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Thanks this was helpfull

Hey so, not sure if you get the Code with Chris emails, but he just sent one out today talking about your question.

hey , an email talking about uikit ?

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App ideas to test your skills

At CodeWithChris, we’ve always believed in practicing what you’re learning as one of the most important ways of building a solid foundation in app development.

That means spending time not just watching a tutorial but also putting into practice what you’ve learned.

If you’ve completed our Foundations Course, the next thing you can do is test your skills by building beginner-friendly app ideas.

We’ve shared this on our Instagram page, but here are app ideas you can try building to hone your skills or test what you’ve learned so far.

:droplet:Water Intake Tracker
:writing_hand:Quote Sharing App
:flower_playing_cards:Flash Cards Maker
:heavy_heart_exclamation:Date Ideas Generator

For those of you who are planning to build any of these apps, feel free to post and tag us on our socials for the final outcome! We’d love to see your projects!

Thank you for reading and enjoy the new releases below!

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