Building app from scratch - help

Hi Chris,

I saw your website and it looked very helpful, so I thought to post my Q, I am looking to build a cross platform native feel wellness app and take it through every stage of the development process and maintain it long term. As I wish to do so at as little as possible a cost I am considering doing it all by myself via coding learned from scratch (maybe using Xamarin? as it looks to be cross platform).

My question from a beginners perpective with no experience in app creation is: is this possible/realistic, and what would be the time resource required to do so on my own? I wish to ask experienced personel in the field of app creation their opinion to give me an idea if this is possible before I spend so many hours doing so only to find out the hard way its not. Any help greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

Best regards,

Hi Brian,

Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

This community group is dedicated to iOS Development so if you are considering building a cross platform App using Xamarin then you would be better off finding a coding forum where they cater for Xamarin and can advise you accordingly.

Chris (I’m not the Code With Chris guy)

Ok great, thanks Chris, Brian.