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Business in App creation

Hey Community,

I am a new user on the start of Module 5. I wanted to hear from anyone who have used these lessons and go on to create a financially successful app or a business creating apps for others.

The lessons are actually really good and as a former student on Treehouse, the OG, I find Chris’s lessons much more practical.

Give us a comment of how you have used these lessons to make a profitable business to give us newbies some inspo.

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Check out the Journal Section. One’s making an Anger Management app, another’s built a few apps that’s on the App Store, and “Two best friends starting a business” has a really good story to it

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I’m now an iOS developer (as my 9-5 job) and freelancer, and I started with Chris’ courses.

So it’s netted me in 6 figures by starting here :slight_smile:

Still working on making my own apps, because being financially successful in the App Store is tough, but it’s possible


Thats awesome! fantastic story, & good on you. Exactly what I was looking for.

Mind me asking what you did before this? Also, how long did it take to get to that point & did you just apply for a job?

I find it interesting, because doing the course you’d get the skills but I’m afraid because its not coming from a university/college they would look past me.

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Thank you, ill check them out for sure.

Keep a portfolio of the App’s you have created (Github is probably the best place) and try to get yourself an App in the App Store. Counter their argument of requiring a university degree with hard facts regarding what you have achieved. Don’t take no for an answer and counter with “Just give me a chance” even if it means banging on doors to plead your case.


I worked in manufacturing. I also don’t have a CS degree. It matters to some companies, but generally that’s changing. It’s 100% possible to get a job without a degree

I was doing tutorials for about a year on the side, but it took almost a year to find a job (because it was 2020, literally I started applying in March, and that’s when lots of businesses froze hiring)

Some may, but that’s okay. There’s many people who are programmers, who don’t have a degree


@Noelzie thanks for this question! I’ve asked it myself many times, and struggled with understanding the “business side of things.”

If you’re looking to launch your app fast, I’d recommend signing up for this guy’s class on his 2-2-2 method before they run out of slots (10 available slots, when I purchased my access yesterday):

  • 2 hours to prototype
  • 2 days to build something shareable for friends
  • 2 weeks to Polish before releasing on the App Store

I like this guy’s approach, because it forces you to take action fact and iterate quickly. Also, it gets what I’m often bad at doing: user feedback/ validating, if what you’re building is worth it. Why spend months or years on something to find that people aren’t interested in whatever you built? Also, I’ve been personally guilty of “chasing the next big thing/ cool tutorial” versus building my own app. That’s why after completing Stewart Lynch’s amazing Concurrency series on CWC+, I’ve decided to launch :rocket: my app on April 7.

Btw if you don’t want to pay for Jordi’s course, you can still find many of his videos for free online. Here’s one he linked to in the course, and it’s amazing! Astounding how he made bank :bank: building simple/ niche apps in a few days. He goes over his process and talks about the apps he released, some of which have been featured as “App of the Day”

Also, @mikaelacaron pointed me to this guy’s great series! He had only released six videos, when I first watched, and asked a very similar question to you in the fall: Creator View Chronicles - YouTube