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Bypassing AppStore


I want to write an app for my son’s business.

Is there a way to bypass the AppStore to install the app on his iPhone?

I know I can use his phone as a simulator but that requires his phone to be in Developer mode which means his phone will be less secure.

The only way is to purchase an Enterprise Developer account. BUT you have to prove that you are a legitimate enterprise. ie: it can’t be fictitious etc etc.

The other way is that if you have a standard Developer account you can load the App on his phone from Xcode but it will expire after 12 months and you will have to re-install it. You are limited in the number of authorised devices you can attach to Xcode so it’s not open slather. Yep, they have tied that all up.

Thanks for your reply Chris.

If I chose to register an iPhone in my Developer account and distributed the app to that iPhone, would the iPhone have to be Developer mode to run?

Using this method, yes you would.


OR you can publish the app as an “unlisted app” meaning it won’t show up on the App Store, and you have to have the link to be able to download it. It seems like this is more of what you’re looking for.

You’d need a paid developer account for this.


Also note at the moment there’s no true way to “bypass the App Store” it’s Apple, they don’t let you do that. If you’re looking to do something like that, you’d need an Android phone

Thanks Mikaela

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