Calling the IPhone camera from my app

Hi, I’m wondering if there is a way to call the iphone camera from my app, take a photo and save it to an imageview without saving the photo to the library.
I’ve found examples of creating your own camera app but can’t find a way to call the iphone camera without creating my on camera.
Is this even possible?


Hi Layne,

Welcome to the community.

There are many tutorials online that explain how to create a Photo Picker that allows access to the camera so that you can take an image and apply that to where ever you want in your Application. There is no automatic save to the photos library. You have to specifically save the image to the photos library.

This video is from Stewart Lynch and is the first in a series of tutorials covering selecting an image from the photo library or from the camera.

Thanks Chris, I’ll check that video out… I’ve seen several videos on taking and saving photos but all of them saved the photos to the library and most of them were creating their own camera app to take the photos…
Hopefully I’ll find what I need in Stewart’s video… thanks again.

Generally most people would want to save the image to their photo library so that’s why the coding examples include that.

All they are doing is interfacing the hardware camera. The built in iPhone “Camera” application interfaces the same hardware camera except provides some additional features.