Camera control from app

Is it possible to disable the iPhone camera using Swift?
I am trying to do it using AVFoundation and AVCaptureDevice, but I can’t find any method or way to do it.

so you are using a 3rd-party device to take the photo instead?

Nope. My app is not related to photos or images. It’s a security requirement (to ensure the iPhone camera is disabled. And then, we should be able to enable later.).

as long as your app did not ask for permission to use camera then it shouldn’t be able to use it under any means

Sorry, I think I was not clear enough. Let’s say I have a button in my app that, once I press it, none of the other apps can use the camera (no camera, no FaceTime, no Instagram, etc…). Meaning, once I activate the option, the phone is not able to use the camera at all. If I press this button again, the camera is re-enabled. Is it possible?

i dont think thats possible

the only closest thing i can think of is using parental controls

I see. But in this way, it wouldn’t be possible to implement something via code, right?
I thought it would be possible to do something by using AVFoundation/AVCaptureDevice.