Can Button Still Work While on Top of Scroll View?

Thank you so much for responding to my other question but I think I’ve figured that one out. I’m working on this app for my company.

MY question this time is, “Can Button Still Work While on Top of Scroll View?” I’ve written the code out a few times and ran the segue, but when I run the app, and press the button, it doesn’t do anything. I thought that it would at least crash LOL. But it didn’t even do that. It just didn’t do anything and just stayed there on that screen.

(Please Let me know if this screenshot helps. I will upload another if not.)

is the storyboard identifier correct?

Yes. I do believe so. And the storyboard ID should also be the same as the class name on my code correct?

hmmm, maybe try debugging by putting print inside the ibaction, if the print fires then something must be wrong with the segue, if not then the button is not firing

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Ok Im going to try this now and let you know.

Ok, so, that way didn’t work. And I also want to mention, that the view controller that the button is on, does have scroll view on it. Can the scroll view header the button from working?

no i dont think so, just try reconnecting the button again