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Can one deploy an app from Xcode to the device of a friend DURABLE, when one owns a developer-account?

Obviously I need a payed Apple developer-account to deploy apps durable to my devices. Without developer-account it becomes unavailable after a week.
Let’s say I get a developer-account: I assume that durable deploys are only possible to devices, which are connected to my Apple-ID. Which in turn is connected to the developer-account.
If I would connect the device of a friend or relative to Xcode and deploy a self-created app to it, then it would become unavailable after a week? Even when I run Xcode with my developer-account.

If you have a paid Developer account you can deploy an App onto another device other than your own. The App will be able to be used for about 12 months after which it will no longer work. You will have to reinstall it so that it will work for another 12 months.

This link lays out what you can and can’t do:

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